Ode to Technology

Ode to Technology

All I have ever heard from my Dadi is how my Dad would open every electronic appliance that came into the house, from a toaster to TV. And I have never heard the end of how it was big deal to have a TV in those days and how their house was the only one that had a TV, which papa opened up curious to see what was inside it and how it worked but without the slightest idea of how to put it back.

The entire household thought he’d grow up to become an engineer but to everyone’s surprise he ended up as a garment exporter with a hidden designer within him and a dream to have his own label. 

From 5 to 50 old habits die hard. I came back from college one evening only to find him trying to put is laptop back together. When I asked him what he was doing and why he had opened it up all I got was – I was curious to see what a mother board of a computer really looked like. This came from a conversation my sister and I had over dinner when her laptops mother board was on it last few breaths. 

Papa’s laptop barely survived but the mother board made its way onto this linen shirt with a curious bulb man hidden in the back. 

Stay Curious!